Oakington Manor Halls

  • Fully licensed venue including for civil marriage ceremonies. Open throughout the year.
  • Flexible hours. For all your needs, please contact us on 020 8795 7517 / 07825 050 394

Our history

We have been operating for well over 20 years. Our staff are very experienced in a variety of event management including weddings, parties, corporate events, social gatherings and sporting activities. Due to the extensive and spacious nature of our facilities, schools and other public bodies have used our facilities consistently for their special events and occasions

Charitable purpose

Oakington Manor Halls is operated by Acorn Manor, the trading arm of Oakington Manor Primary School. All proceeds are donated to the school, for the benefit of our children, their parents and other users in the wider community. The school as the benefactor has used these resources to improve infrastructure, educational resources as well as enhancing its buildings to create superb facilities for our pupils, parents and other users.

Our team

Professionalism and customer satisfaction are our prime focus. Our staff are well trained and experienced professionals in event management and hospitality. We have qualified first aiders and license holders on site to assist our hirers at all times. In order to ensure the safety and the security of any event, there are fully trained staff on site with two way communication systems between event venues and security offices.

Local community  

We work in partnership with our local community and most of our client base is mainly from west London and surrounding area. We continue to allow our facilities to be used at discounted rates by other schools, local council and other charitable organisations. Our sports facilities are in constant use by the local community, other schools and sporting organisations. 

For further details, please visit www.oakingtonmanorhalls.org.uk